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A camp at the mountain

Hey guys!I am finally back , from a crazy week.

So ..let’s talk about it short.All this camp was only for the good students that got all year good grades.A Romanian alpinist organized that.There were good students from also other two schools so it was the perfect moment for meeting new people and for more socializing.

This alpinist climbed Everest and more other high mountains on every continent.I saw he got a lot of diplomas and also he showed us some pictures from Nepal and also some pictures with him in North pole and South pole.

That’s fucking awesome! I mean, it’s time for us to be proud of some Romanians that did something great.It was a hard week to be honest.I come from field..not even hills over here so it was hard for us to climb so much on a mountain.Because in the last day of climbing we climbed 13km.

I will show you some pictures from there

That was a house up there on a mountain at the high of 1450m.


The same house but this view looks nicer.



It really looks amazing.This country has a lot of beautiful views.And our folk is really awesome..especially the food.The system is the trouble☺.

I met awesome people there.I don’t know if the others cared that these people did something that not everybody can do.They were really nice.I have to say that,I met a man in his 40ish.He is a teacher who teach kids how to ski and he goes to a lot of camps.He even have his own places where kids go to camps.Firstly ,I really appreciated that he went to college in Austria .So from beginning I knew he thinks different and that he is open minded.

Everytime we were climbing a mountain I was the last one with him so I could ask him interesting stuff.

I liked that he said he believes in this generation.Because most of us gonna leave the country and some of us will come back with another kind of living and things will start to change some way.

I honestly don’t wanna come back after I leave because it doesn’t worth at all .

The alpinist was open minded too.I don’t know how he found out that my dad is dead.Probably from a teacher.

I was alone in a park over there.I was waiting for a girl to go at the slack line.The alpinist was putting the zip line.He suddenly started to talk to me.I felt good because an important person like him talked to me.He asked me how it happend and after he told me that it happend the same thing to him.

He told me something awesome.That the easiest thing in life is to give up.While we were complaining during climbing the mountain he explained us that everything starts from the brain.In fact nothing hurts you if you know how to control it.For example..when I was talking with this man while climbing..I even forgot about my feet pain.When you only think that you can’t do something then you give up without even trying anymore.

He said that in life we take only tests.

There are two choices in life after something bad happens to you.

1.You choose being strong and move on and pass the test

or choose being weak

He said he chose to climb Everest because it’s so up and maybe close to his dad.I’ll remember that everytime I get sad.

The ski teacher was a funny man.At the end he said something awesome.

“In life what you like ,no matter what”.

For me everything they said was inspirational and motivational.Everything they said..made me think.

To think is important.That’s the only thing we need in Romania right now.And not only here.

I will show you the pictures from Nepal he had on the walls.

It’s really interesting.He told us many about people from Nepal.That all they earn annualy is $150.This is unbelieveable.And this is happening because nobody cares anymore and because of our ego.

All they eat per day is a plate of rice.And the interesting thing is that they smile all the time.You never see them sad.

But look around at the spoiled ones.

Those kids from Nepal never saw a mobile phone.Maybe that’s why they are never sad.😐

And this was me.I really wanted to write about it.Hope everything I wrote is ok.But it’s my opinion and hope there are people who think like me and realize what I just wrote.

Hope for the best guys.Don’t forget to keep dreaming!😁With eyes wide open.Have a nice day.

-with love


The real beauty

Hello guys😀 .Today something had happend to me and I just take it as a lesson and I think everybody should think at what I am going to write,because is important. So as I said , today I was breaking some walnuts for some recipe that my mom wants to make.I went in the yard,it was a nice weather , the birds were singing over there.It was just perfect to stay in the yard.I was listening to music because I am not myself if I don’t.Without music I feel so empty and ..too much quiet is not ok.So yeah..I started to break walnuts..yay.

It was alright , but suddenly I get a black walnut shell .I didn’t want to break only because I was sure it will be the same inside.And I didn’t think it will worth to do it so I threw it away.I stopped my work for a moment and I went to take so selfies..because why not.

I went back because my mom needed them done in 10 mins.PeRfEcT.

I was thinking to break this black walnutshell .So I did.And I was shoked when I saw that inside it was good ,I said ‘ok..that’s a little weird’.I started to think about it.

I was listening again music ,I used my earphones and I was doing the same thing.I was ok till I got another walnut which its shell was ‘perfect’.By perfect I mean that I thought inside of it ,it will be the same.

Yeah sure.I broke it and it was black and full of ants.

After that I got a conclusion.

That is the same with us ,people. Have you ever been asking yourself if you’re ‘beautiful’ enough ?Not because you care so much about your own opinion,but you’re worried of what others think about you.And is not ok because you are not confident.The only opinion about your looking you should care is yours.

Let’s first talk about the black shell.

You so easy to make someone feel bad .I understand , we don’t like the same thing and is perfectly normal.Because..let’s say you’re guy and you fell in love with a girl.You see her as the most beautiful and the cutest ever.Another would say she’s ugly as hell.See?Perfectly normal.But at least keep it for you.

I just wish people to understand that a beautiful soul next to you is more important than a face full of make up.

This body beauty won’t keep a whole life.First that the age will change everything.But the soul remain the same .

The other walnut shell .

What can I say?If you are considered ‘beautiful’ and ‘hot’ by fuckboys but your soul is ‘black and full of ants’ then you’re nothing for me and from a scale to 1 – 10 I will rate you with 0.If you know what I mean.😉☺

Just keep in mind to never judge a person after aspect .Judge his soul.And don’t rate plastic.We must be aware that usually stupid people are doing that because that’s all they have .🙌

Hope there are people that understand what I mean .

Guys,that was all for today.All I have to say is BE CONFIDENT.😊See you next time.

– With love


Last trip together 

Hello guys.I know it’s been a while since last post 😅 , but today I come up with something that had happend in my life.

Anyways, since is the end of school year, me , my collegues and Romanian teacher had decided to go in a trip.Because we will not be collegues anymore.

Usually the others were just throwing a party with all teachers they had.But’s like a miracle happend in our brains and decide to do something nice and different this year.

If we threw a party we had to pay a lot for teachers food and just for two hours.So the trip kept two days..I believe was better.

When a   teacher found out that we gonna go in a trip , she  was like ‘Oh ..we all are going to have so much fun over there!’

And because my soul is black(kidding) I told my teacher that we go without them.Trust me..I could see on her face ‘ wait , wait, wait.No free food this year? *crying*’

I told her two reasons why we didn’t want to just throw an ordinary party.

  • 1.There are more theachers than us.And we would feel unconfortable ..that doesn’t seem fun at all. And when you have horrible teachers like mine..yeah.
  • 2.A party had to be like 3h.Well our trip kept 2 days.I believe it was better.And really now..who wants to stay in the last day and year with all teachers around in a room?

Well sure that my teacher told me : ‘That’s just your opinion.Who wouldn’t like to spend the last time with their teachers?’

Yeah sure.I left her talking alone.Probably she was mad because we didn’t want to give them free food this year (lol).

I will just talk about how the trip was now.

P.S.It was at a mountain called ‘Sasca Montană’

First day we got there,we went to visit a waterfall.This one is popular in Romania and is called ‘Şuşara waterfall’

We had to go almost 3 h in the mountain .Totally we walked 7km.(I am not trying to complain)

It’s very nice over there.

We also stopped somewhere and we saw that.

This is an old mine^.

We also saw some nice messages over there.

There are so awesome views.

So this is the waterfall.

I gotta be honest.We have never spent so much time together..I think this trip made us know each other better.I saw my collegues in a way that I never thought I will see them and I’m really proud I went too.

Ok..we went to see this waterfall right after we got there.So after we had lunch , we went somewhere else where we walked like 5km.

We got kinda far.

I believe this country has awesome views.You can’t say that you are able to see that everywhere.Everybody here says that this country is blessed by God with amazing views that you cannot see in another countries.I didn’t believe until this trip.I have always hated my country in vain just because of people that are corrupt and are destroying it.The truth is that I cannot live here just because of opportunities and old thinking that Romanians have but I’ll always turn back at least few times to see again those views.

I was alone with my teacher on the mountain , she said ‘ This is just one of the  miracles on earth’ , you might not believe  but , just try to visit Romania once.👍

Oh yeah.Look what I saw!😱

I don’t know anything about cars.I just heard some guys saying this car is awesome.😂

Second day!

We went to visit a church.

My teacher asked how many nuns are there.A nun said ‘101 like Dalmatians’

Nice!But we walked 10km till there.😐😂

There is a river called Nera.And because is there..this church is called Nera too.

This is the river.

Oh yeah..I made a bet with a guy that when we turn back I’ll go into the river in clothes.

And I won..yay. 😄😂Well after that..all class went there.It was fucking hot outside and we walked 10km. We didn’t lose anything.

Yeah.I think I wrote enough.I will end the blog by saying that I had a lot of fun.And that I am proud with Romania’s views..because that’s the only beautiful thing we have here.

I wish you could visit it once too and tell me if I am right.😀

Till then I hope for the best.Have a nice day guys.Peace out.

                  -with love


Culture of India

   India.When I hear ‘India’ I usually think about Holi.I guess everybody knows what it is,in case you don’t know , Holi is a hindu festival that is celabrated in India and Nepal and is also called ‘Festival of colors’.They say the festival signifies the victory of good over evil.I personally think is awesome.I mean..just look at this picture—->

Looks so cool and fun.

I’d really like to visit India when it’s this festival.This year was celabrated in March 13.I think it depends of Hindu calendar because every year is different date.

 I’d also like to visit Taj Mahal.

Or even Bollywood.

It’s not my favorite to be honest , I am not watching those movies but I think it’s interesting .I honestly like their style because they sing a lot.

I really want to travel in a lot of countries, because I really like to see new cultures and different thinking.I am that kind of person that love to travel a lot.I think it will be an awesome experience of life and this way when I’m old I’ll be sure that I didn’t spend all my life in a boring office writing some papers soooo….

I think India is a very nice place for a vacation and I think lot of Indians are friendly and good fun.

     The culture of India

The culture of India spans more than 4500 years.

  • Many beliefs and practices which still exist today as yoga
  • Karma
  • Moksa- is a term in Hunduism which it refears to various forms of liberation and release.

Now…let’s talk about food.

First I’m going to talk about famous recipes from North part of India.

  • Indian Tandoori chicken

   Main ingredients: chicken ,yoghurt,honey.

– is a yoghurt and spice marinated chicken cooked in a tandoor a cylindrical clay oven.

  • Bhatura chole

Main igredients : chickpeas , Maida flour

This is a combination of fried bread called Bhatoora and Chana masala.

  • Thali

This is an indian meal made up of more kinds of dishes ,this is served on a platter.

This offers all 6 different flavirs at the same time.(salt ,sugar,spicy etc)

  • Masala Dosa 

Is a variant of the popular south Indian food dosa.

Main ingredients:potato , parboiled rice.


 And my favorite one is Idli.

This is a traditional breakfast in South India.

Region: Karnataka

M.I. Black lentils and rice.

Here are more views from India.

One more thing I like are the Indian girls and their looking.

I think is interesting ..what clothes they are wearing, the piercings they have,the way they dance.

And that was all for today guys.Hope you liked this subject.Hope for the best and see you tomorrow with another blog.👀🎭

                     -with love



The holy land

Shalom guys.I was thinking better and I will try to post everyday even I will be very busy with my exams these months.

And..for today I was thinking to write some things about Israel.I really like to find out things about other cultures and places.Israel is in top 10 countries I’d really like to visit someday.

I heard people are  nice and friendly over there and I also noticed that Israelis and Romanians got a lot of common things together.I got interested in Israel because I have a friend that was born there (in case you’re reading this…Hi😏😂)

       Let’s start with few facts and pictures.

  1.  Israel is the only country to revive an unspoken language.
  2. Israel’s national bird is the hoopoe.
  3. Israel is one of only nice countries in the world that can launch its own satellites into space.
  4. Israel has two official languages : Hebrew & Arabic.I don’t know Hebrew but I am trying to learn.Till now I just know some phrases and words.One of my dreams is to become fluent in 5 languages.That’s one of my skills that I can learn languages very easily.I know hebrew is a hard language but is not impossible .
  5. In 1992 , several cm of snow fell in the Negev desert.
  6. The glue on Israeli stamps is kosher.Omg , that’s cool😃😂
  7. The Dead Sea is also 8,6 times saltier than the ocean.Nice.I read you can’t even swim in it.
  8. Israel has the highest number of museums per head in the world.

Everybody knows they really like Hummus.Just close your eyes and imagine that: You are visiting Israel in a hot summer.You would really want to get an ice cream .You go to a shop in Jaffa and you are looking for your favorite flavor.Sundennly you see this —>

YES!!!Hummus ice cream.I never heard about it .I don’t know if it’s because I am from Romania and here we have to wait for years to appear cool and new things..usually we get them when nobody cares about them anymore.Anyway..I’d like to taste.Not sure if I gonna like it tho.

Let’s talk about some recipes that they like to eat.

On the first place is Hummus.

I also heard about falafel from my friend.

He said they are really good.To be honest I just ate once and I think they’re ok.✌

This one is Israeli Eggplant salad.There’s nothing new for me.We are doing it also here and it’s my favorite.👏

Potato bourekas.I also know it from my friend.😃

Now I will show you a cool picture.

   Even their religion (Jewish) is interesting to me.I really like how they sing religious songs.Really now.I am not religious.But if was the same also here I’d go to listen those songs everyday.

If I had the chance to visit Israel once ,I think I’d go to Tel Aviv.

I think I wrote enough for today.Guys..I hope you find those things interesting.😊As I said in the beginning I will try to post everyday.

Wish you all a nice day.Hope for the best.🎭
                          -with love



I was thinking ‘A LOT’  if I should write about my country or not for some reason , but as I have no other better idea for now I will.

   Romania is a fascinating country and not many people know much about that.However, it’s very popular with the British Royal family.I will take the most important parts from here and talk about them.

Here  is a list of some interesting facts.
1.Timişoara(where I live) became the first city of Europe to have electrical street lighting in 1889.

2.The city of Braşov  is home to the largest Gothic church between Turkey , Austria and Vienna.

   3.The archetypical vampire Count Dracula. It was created by Bram Stoker .He got inspired from the prince Vlad Țepeş who was fond of impaling his enemies and standing them along the roads.

4.The movie  ‘ Cold Mountain’ was filmed in Romania.

5. The scientist who discovered insulin was Nicolae Pāulescu , Romanian which originally called insulin ‘pancreine’.

6. Here is also the tallest wooden church in the world.

7.The American mini series ‘Hatfields & McCoys’  was also filmed here.

8.The Romanian language is 1700 years old.

9.The actor who first played the role of Tarzan in 1932 was a Romanian named Jonny Welssmuller.

10.The Statue of Dacian King Decebal ,carved in the rocky bank of the Danube River.

11.The name of Romania comes from the latin word ‘Romanus’ which means ‘Citizen of the Roman Empire’

12.Romania is Europe’s richest country in gold.

        More pics of Romania’s views

Peleş castle.

Cotroceni Palace is the official residence of the President of Romania.


This is one of the tradional costumes.

  Things about people from here:

  • A lot of people here live like in third world and they may not have many, but you will never see a Romanian complaining for anything.
  • People here are very friendly and will never accept a ‘NO’ from you.
  • They got a lot of humour.
  • They are  a perfect company to have fun with.Usually when they go at a be honest at beginning is just ok, till they drink some alcohol and get some more courage😂.
  • That might be a little weird for foreign people but we don’t usually call before we visit long as they don’t mind is fine.
  • We have a lot of talented and very intelligent people here .But unfortunately people with big dreams like me and them have to leave in countries where talent and intelligence is appreciated.🎭

That is all for today .I will come next time with more interesting things.Guys..hope you didn’t get bored with that.If you did then..I am not sorry anyway👍😂.Just kidding.Hope you did like it.I wish you all a very nice day.Hope for the best.🎭

                                     -with love


This game ‘Blue whale’.

Hey guys , today  I’m going to write about this horryifing game called ‘Blue whale’.We are going to see if it really worths to play this game.

Why it’s becoming so popular? From where it’s coming?Well..let’s find out. ☺

‘Blue whale’ is a very dangerous game which appeard almost one year ago on a social app in Russia and everyday this game gets more popular all around the world.This game is also played in Ukraine and it also got in my country (Romania) which almost 130 teens died already. 

This app is called ‘VK’ and I remember I had an acount there too .The teens who wanted to play had to post a picture and write #bluewhale or #wakemeupat4:20am. 

Now I will write few rules from this game just to show you that it doesn’t worth to risk your life and you must not play this game.

  • 1st day : the player have to draw on the hand a whale and then to send a nude picture to his guide.(so..that means if you wanted to give up at this game the guide will post your nude picture online.)
  • 2nd day : The player have to wake up at 4:20am and watch horror movies.
  • 3rd day: The player have to cut his hand with a knife three times.
  • 4th day: The player have to draw a whale on a paper and write on the leg the word ‘YES’ with a knife.
  • The next days the guide ask the player to wake up at 4:20am to go in the cemetery or to cut his lips with a knife .
  • In 26th day the guide tells the player the date and the hour he gonna die.(yeah..the porpuse of this game is to commit suicide in 50th day)
  • From 30th day to 49th day , the player have to wake up everyday at 4:20am and watch horror movies or listen to horror music and the player is not allowed to spend time with the family or friends .

  • 50th day : to win the game the player have to commit suicide.

That’s all . I honestly can’t understand this game , especially the teens who wants to try.Now..without kidding .DON’T PLAY THIS GAME.

Tell me in the comments what do you think about this game.



Dreams , passions and thoughts.

Passion and life….

    What’s your passion?  The question asked by one and everyone who we meet around the world.  Life has been so changing for people who follow their passion as their dream.

 Finding your passion is one thing while following it is different. Life is all about different things..  You can find passion in each and everything you see.  Just open your mind. Try to find beauty in each and everything you see.  Find something true and good and be somebody. The world is too small for us to find as well as life is.  Find your passion and follow it with full heart. Dreams don’t die. Be true and follow your dreams and make it your passion then life would be worthy. 

 Do something you love.  Do something you have always loved to do. The one in which you find your true passion. Open your heart and mind and observe new things, new people and new places. We are united in our differences.. Love everyone, trust few and make someone your true companion. Help everyone and observe someone, ask what he or she love to do and motivate them by sharing your inspiring story.People who try to drag you down, learn from them and be better. They hate you because you are better than them. Try to be better. Follow your opinion. Many people may discourage you but you should do what you feel. Follow your opinion. Nothing can stop you. Nothing.  Love yourself❤. The world will love you. Nothing could never stop you. 

 Well hope you guys follow your dreams. I love to inspire my people here and this what I do and I’ll do my best.Keep dreaming.❤😇


                         –  with love


‘Dream big’

‘Dream big’. The two words which are taught in school since kindergarten. I don’t think this would ever apply for me because situations are not coming in handy for me. 

   I am Mona. 😎I am from Romania and as the whole world knows how my country works with corruption and crime, life for dreamers like me is tough here. 

 I am writing here for a reason beacuse i want to just inspire people running after their dreams and show people that everything happens for a reason. 

 My life has never been easy.  Growing up was difficult for me.  My mom dad were busy doing their dayjobs to fill up our food plate.  As child since from the age one i was locked inside my home whole day since my parents went out for their jobs. There is no reason i can blame them because they had to. No money no food no future for our baby.  Babysitting was a not a thing that my parents could afford. So they have to do so.  So when i was really young i used to be locked inside my house for hours and all i did was watch tv. 

   After 6 years of my life being mostly locked up i joined kindergarten. I never been around much kids.  It was tough for me to mibgle with everyone.  I used to go alone to my school and yes i didn’t had any friends. My mom dad would just wake me up,  get me ready and leave for their work.  I used to walk alone to my kindergarten school.  I was afraid, lonely and depressed at the age of 6. This got me shy. I was lonely i had no social life.  I was afraid to make friends and talk to new people. The best place for me at that age was my own room and my tv.  I used to sing alone and act like the people in tv used to do. I was trying not to be lonely and yes benibg lonely did made me creative and i became good at it. 

 But growing up in school made it even more tough for me to mingle with people. I was shy and afraid to talk with new people.  So i used to sit quiet at a corner of classroom and slowly i became a victim of bullying.   Everyone were rude with me.

My mom joined my school as a employee just because she wanted to spend more time with me. She was hardworking and cute and the only friend i had. I loved her a lot.  But things start changing around in school.  I was a good student and i used to score good marks.  But since my mom joined my school everyone started spreading rumors telling that i used to score good marks because my mom used to boost it up.  The worst thing ever can happen that my hardwork and sweat was being questioned.  Peole started talking rude shits to me. I got so depressed.  I prayed to god to have mercy with those people who teased me because i don’t wanted them to be punished.  I was matured even to think my own way. Life was going on good only with singing and acting. 

 A sudden tragedy sparked in when i was eleven..  My dad passed away.  The worst thing ever can happen to me.  The only man i could trust and love was no longer with me. Me and my mom was alone and its the time i decided to be strong and bold. And not to cry after things or care about what losers say. 

 One day i was sitting under a tree in cemetery where my dad was thinking about fine moments with tears in my eyes. All he wanted me is to follow my dreams.  I promised my dad that I will follow my dream and make my come true by following the right path and will make him proud one day.  I loved him so much and i wont let him down. So i decided to overcome my shyness and started making friends everywhere and started socializing.  I downloaded apps like omegle and found a lot of pervs and disgusting people.  I was fed up with omegle and i thought this app is useless.  But one day i talked to 3 amazing people on omegle whom i told my story and they started motivating me. They became my good friends and they’re helping my dream come true. 

 I have planned of moving into USA after I get 18. My life is still not so set yet but i believe everything happens for a reason and everything will be alright and life will change for better.

Dreams do come true.  Just follow your dreams. My dream is to be an artist.  I hope my dreams come true one day.  Hoping for the best. ❤

                            – with love